Things to Think About Before Going on a Big Trip

I’m the type of person that likes to be prepared for everything so I like to make a lot of lists. I came up with some things that would make traveling simpler and less hectic. First off, make a list of everything that you need to take with you on the trip. Though it’s nice to have everything you could possibly need, also remember not to pack too heavy because you will be having to lug your stuff around. Try to make a good calculation on how much money you will need for the trip and try to make a budget so you don’t exceed it too much. Try to find the best deals before hand, do your research. Get your affairs in order and think about paying any bills that will need attention during the time of your trip. Be sure you know where you need to go when you get there and have it mapped out so you aren’t totally lost when you arrive and don’t know what your gonna do. Look in advance at things you might want to do there. Prepare for whatever weather it might be there, don’t just assume. I hope those simple tips will help with your travels.


#1 On My Bucket List


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It is known for it’s neutrality. Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and has a thriving economy. Switzerland is a green, beautiful and mountainous country that mostly consists of the Alps, the Swiss Plateau, and the Jura. I can’t pick one specific place that I want to go in Switzerland because there’s too many places I’d want to go so I’ll just give you several places.

In Lausanne, has some cool things to occupy your time. Like the Olympic Museum, located on Lake Geneva, is the biggest source center to get information about the Olympic games in the world. It has everything you would want to learn about the Olympics, it even has the Olympic fame burning outside. It is currently being remodeled and should be finished at the end of the year. The Blonay-Chamby Railway is a train that takes you from Blonay and you get to travel through the country and over old, pretty bridges to Chamby to a train museum. The train ride looks like a lot of fun.

In Melide, there is a place called Swiss Miniature is an outside park that has mini models of tons of famous site of Switzerland such as popular buildings, castles, monuments, and trains. Swiss Miniature has about 130 models and 18 trains running throughout the park.

Zurich is a really nice city and the largest in Switzerland. Old Town Zurich is a part of the city that looks all medieval and ancient with cobblestone streets. It is very historical place with tones on museums if you’re into that. Zurich Zoo is pretty neat, its a zoo that inhabits 340 animals and has an endangered species program that is an international breeding and resettlement program. Another cool thing I found in Zurich is Live Escape Game. Have you ever played the app game on your phone Escape If You Can or Room Escape?? Well its a game where you have to figure out clues and puzzles to get out of the room. Live Escape Game is the real version of that. They lock you and a team in a room for an hour and you have to try to figure out how to get out of the room. It sounds like such a blast!! I want to so bad!

Other things that would be fun is going to Lake Geneva, Swiss National Park, The Chilllon Castle, and the Rhine Falls. And I’d love to go skiing while I’m there.

#2 On My Bucket List


Edinburgh, Scotland, is one of the coolest places I have seen. There is something so pretty and unique about this place that draws me to it. I would love to travel there and stay as long as I could. The number one thing I would HAVE to do when I go to Edinburgh is visit the Edinburgh Castle. I love castles and think their so cool to explore with all the architectural design and mystery behind them, plus what girl doesn’t like castles. Edinburgh Castle is a amazing, huge structure overlooking Edinburgh and is approximately 384,670 square ft. which is why it is the tenth largest castle in the world. 

Holyrood Park is home of Arthur’s Seat which is a very popular place to visit. It requires some vigorous hiking to get to the top of the extinct volcano where Arthur’s Seat is located. I’ve read that the hike is totally worth it because the view is incredible and you can see from any direction, probably the best view in all of Edinburgh.
Gilmerton Cove is a mysterious underground tunnels and chambers. They have many theories of what it could be but no one really knows why it was built and used for. They give tours of the cove that lies underneath part of Edinburgh. It would be really fun to explore the mysterious passageways under Edinburgh.
The Royal Yacht Britannia is a really cool tour. You get to see what it was like to live as a royal on such an exquisite yacht that is five stories. This year was its 60 year anniversary. A cool little fact is that Princes Diane and Prince Charles honeymooned on this yacht.   
The Royal Botanic Garden is an accumulation of four gardens spread over 70 acres of land. It was started in 1670 and was originally a physician garden that grew plants for medicine. It’s main purpose is education. It is dedicated to the research and discovery of plants. It is currently the second biggest collection of plants in the world.

#3 on My Bucket List

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Bora Bora is a small island close to Tahiti, with a population of 8,880 people. There is plenty you can find to do on this little island because it thrives primarily on its tourism. The island has two dormant volcanos, Mount Otemanu is one of them that is a must see. It rises 2400 ft above a lagoon. It is a sight you have to see, the enchanted scenery will make it seem like a dream.

The Coral Gardens is a beautiful coral reef that isn’t very far below the water which means you need very little effort to explore the reef, just bring a snorkel and goggles. The Garden is filled with all kinds of tropical fish that are everywhere around you, its hard to see because there is so many fish that live among the coral. If you’re looking for something more intense and challenging Top Dive is the way to go. This place has great reviews, people rave about the experience and how good the staff is. They take you scuba diving deep in the ocean where you swim with sharks and rays and tons of other creatures.

Another thing Bora Bora is known for is its exquisite water bound resorts. Most resorts consist of little single cabin huts are off shore directly over the water. The huts are so cute and are so awesome. You can walk out of your hut and you’re already overlooking the water, and some huts have stairs that go straight from your porch into the water.

#4 on My Bucket List



The U.S Virgin Islands are such beautiful islands. I love tropical beach places and this one would be one of the ones I would choose to go. The Virgin Islands consist of three main islands Saint Thomas, Saint John, Saint Croix, plus dozens of smaller islands surrounding them. The places I’d go or do there would be:

There are so many stunning beaches to pick from in the Virgin Islands which makes it hard to pick which one to go to. But Sandy Point, located on St. Croix, is one of those breathtaking, spacious, white sand beaches with the crystal blue water that everyone dreams about walking down. Another gorgeous, perfect beach is Maho Beach on Cruz Bay, St. John island. This beach is known to have a high population of sea turtles.

Something that I think would be cool to see is Magic Ice Gallery which is a huge exhibit and everything inside is made completely out of ice. Every six months, ice artists come from around the world and renovate the place with new piece. It is a little pricey but I would like to go at least once.

The Annaberg Sugar Plantation is a neat piece of history that I’d like to explore and has a perfect view of Leinster Bay. Its a intriguing sugarcane plantation that has been preserved and has ruins still remaining which is located in the Virgin Islands National Park.

I enjoy hiking on a nice day outside and there are hiking trails that lead up to the Carmbola Tide Pools in St. Croix. The hiking trails aren’t super easy and take a little effort but nothing too bad, especially for someone who appreciates a good hike. The Tide Pools are suppose to be very pretty and make the hike totally worth it.

Coral World Ocean Park is a huge attraction that offers tons of activities to enjoy. It is the ultimate aquarium experience. You can pet sharks, stingrays, starfish. You can swim with sea turtles, sea lions, and sharks if you’re brave enough. It has an underwater observatory that is a coral reef exhibit. They also offer parasailing and other cool activities.

#5 on My Bucket List


I’ve always had the desire to go to Australia. Australia has something for any kind of traveler. It has everything from beautiful cities, vast plains with exotic wildlife, and beautiful beaches. I could not limit where I would want to go in Australia to one place because there are several I would like to go.

Sydney is an exquisite city that is busy with tourism. There are plenty of museums for the educational junky. It is home of the famous Opera House. In May or June, the Opera House hosts a must see festival Vivid Sydney which is a show of lights and music that is commonly known as “Lighting the Sails”. Vivid has grown abundantly, and now it has spread throughout the city and is not just a lighting of the Opera House.

The Bruny Island Wilderness Cruise is a three hour tour guided by comedians, along the coastline of Southern Tasmanian that is a captivating adventure as you ride the waves of the ocean while gazing at amazing sites of the island and wildlife but also an educational experience that I’m sure isn’t boring.

The thing I want to do most is explore the Great Barrier Reef. It’s one of the most popular locations, if not the most popular, in Australia that draws 1.6 million tourists there every year due to the fact that it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Great Barrier Reef contains 3,000 coral reefs, 600 islands, 1,625 different species of fish. In all, it is 1,250 miles.

North Queensland is a huge attraction for tourists who are more on the adventurous side. Off the coast is where the Great Barrier Reef is located. North Queensland is abundant with rainforests and extravagant beaches. Some of the activities to choose from are water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, riding underwater scooters, sunbathing, exploring through rainforests, camping, and many more. North Queensland has all around fun for everyone.

My Top Five Places to go Before Im 35

I’ve never been into making bucket lists before but I have recently decided to make a bucket list of places that I’d like to travel to. Bucket lists are a great way to determine your goals and gradually make strides to accomplish them throughout your life. So in the next few weeks I will be posting each one of my destinations on my list. Many of you may be like me and already have a list of your own. Some of you may not and I encourage you to come up with a few. That being said, what would be your destination???